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Erica is the Founder and Managing Director of Poka-Yoke Solutions, which offers outsourced operations, business process development and playbook documentation for growing companies. 

To Erica, it doesn’t matter the industry, the business size, or the number of employees. She has the ability to visualize the inputs and outputs of information. She has worked with over 3 dozen companies to create operational processes and procedures. And, she has worked with dozens more entrepreneurs to identify their core processes.

She can go from the technical processes running large companies down to the inner human process that makes entrepreneurs tick and therefore makes their businesses scale. And that’s the theme of structure and process which is weaving the masterpiece she creates.


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“Building a company means you want to create something more than you. It can become your legacy.”

Build your business. Lead yourself.

Erica has been the featured headliner on many podcasts and has built an impressive social media following embracing her covered organizational insights. Her operational leadership brilliance showcases her as a highly regarded business visionary. She has a passion for revolutionizing the way we think about ourselves and others, processes, and business. She’s ready to meet you where you’re at to start, improve, or re-think your business– together.

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